Letter to the Editor

Heroes and Heroines Day

Dear editor,
THE Foundation for Democratic Process acknowledges the importance of the Heroes and Heroines Day in our political calendar.
This is a day when all Zambians, both young and old, should reflect upon the sacrifices of the foundations of our democracy and the price paid for the freedoms that we are enjoying today.
A day such as this one serves as a reminder to the current crop of political leadership to unite the nation through servant, responsive, and accountable leadership that our forefathers demonstrated when they fought against repression, injustice, poverty, inhuman living conditions, bad governance and so forth.
Unfortunately we are seeing that most of these elements that our forefathers fought against are still with us today, when campaigns are devoid of debates on real issues affecting the Zambian people, freedom of the press is not guaranteed to all, especially those who hold divergent views and opinions, and when one is beaten for merely wearing a political regalia of their party, when politicians are inclined to campaigns of calumny and name-calling.
This we think has the potential to reverse the democratisation process that our heroes and heroines stood for.

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