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Help those in denial

PRESIDENT Lungu congratulates Zambia’s new Ambassador to Sweden Rose Salukatula during a swearing-in ceremony at State House in Lusaka on July 25, 2017. PICTURE: THOMAS NSAMA

READING social media posts of some Zambians in the diaspora makes one sick.

It is unbelievable that some compatriots will invest their time and energy in painting their country black.
There are various reasons why some of our people have chosen to pre-occupy themselves with saying bad things about our country.
They have unjustified grievances ranging from unfulfilled political dreams to failing to make it in life here in Zambia.
Others suffered marital fall-outs and are thus permanently bitter.
But whatever the case, citizens are expected to be patriotic to their country irrespective of their grievances.
Politics should never make people so bitter that as long as their preferred parties or candidates do not hold the positions they wished them to hold, they will paint the country black.
Patriotism is cardinal for the good of a country. Every citizen who is outside the country is a diplomat.
As such, they are expected to speak good about their country to outsiders, through direct chats or social media blogs. And there is a lot of good that one can say or write about Zambia.
A patriotic person will always show love for his or her country and will never disparage it – irrespective of some unmet egos.
People who love their country will do many things for the good of the country. They may dislike some people in the country, but they will still love their country.
Patriotism should be one of the salient virtues of citizens.
Therefore, President Edgar Lungu’s directive to Zambian diplomats to engage citizens in the diaspora so that those who speak ill of Government can clearly understand the policies it is implementing and stop their unwarranted attacks, is timely.
Zambians abroad should not invest their time attacking Government unilaterally but should be given a platform to come back home to settle their scores or go to their respective embassies to present their issues.
It is a pity that some Zambians in foreign countries want to fight Government by painting a bad picture of the State for no apparent reason.
Mr Lungu aptly pointed out that such individuals have failed to make it both home and abroad but want to be popular and relevant by attacking Government unnecessarily.
Zambians must love their country and at the same time not hate others.
Zambians in the diaspora have a lot to learn from Americans’ patriotism. Americans will never speak ill of their country, whatever the circumstances they are found in.
Their passion is to make America great, irrespective of who is in the White House.
Despite some Zambians speaking ill of the country, the world has continued to stand with us and this is evidenced by massive foreign investment into the economy, which is recovering.
The Kwacha has been performing well against the major convertible currencies while investors have continued to show confidence in our economy.
Therefore, those in denial by continuously being bitter should ask why Zambia has continued attracting investors despite their vibe about our beloved country.

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