Letter to the Editor

Help renovate Zingalume Police Post

Dear editor,
MWEMBESHI Community Police Post of Lusaka’s Zingalume township was gutted by some angry residents in March 2016.
This followed the ritual killing of four men of Lusaka’s George township and the subsequent arrest of the suspected ritual killers.
The body organs of the victims were removed by these merciless murderers.
The arresting of the ritual killers in connection with the murder happened a few days after the incident.
The suspected ritual killers were detained at the community police post pending to be transferred to Lusaka Central Police Station considering the gravity of the offence committed.
When word went round that the suspected ritual killers were being detained at the said police post, some irate residents ran amok, besieged the police post and set it ablaze.
No one was injured in the inferno apart from the roof of the building which was burnt to debris.
Windows and doors were extensively damaged by the irate or angry mob through stoning.
From the time the incident occurred, the police post has not been renovated to the required standard.
Only minor works have been done so far. Worse still, crime rate has skyrocketed in Zingalume. This is because the police is currently not operating.
As a concerned resident, I appeal to companies in Matero Constituency such as Varun Beverages Company Limited, Pembe Milling, Sun Share Limited and other entrepreneurs to considering donating financial and material resources towards the renovation of the gutted police post.
In view of the aforegone, let me hasten to the police command, ministry of home affairs and other stakeholders to render whatever support towards the project of renovating the gutted police post which is in a dilapidated state.

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