Letter to the Editor

Help pupils pick careers early enough

Dear editor,
GOVERNMENT, through its education policy and implementation mechanisms has a huge responsibility to set high standards and   ensure that the country breeds and nurtures professionals that are going to cope with the many social and economic challenges the country is facing.
Our education system should not wait until students have reached high or tertiary education level to identify who is going to pursue what profession.
If we have to avoid a situation where we educate intelligent but wrong professionals, students’ interests and careers should be identified early in life. Parents should work with career masters in schools to ensure that students’ careers are identified very early in their lives.
We have educated and qualified accountants that have difficulties in prescribing a panacea that will prevent foreign investors from stealing our resources in the mining sector.
We have seen people in the medical profession that have no compassion for the sick and civil servants that have transformed themselves into very rich businessmen and women using government coffers as interest-free capital.
These people are using government time at the expense of providing the much needed service to the public.
We have economists in the country that have difficulties in setting priorities among job creation, growing the economy and inflation.
In conclusion, and in the wave of high school dropouts and pregnancies amongst girls in our schools, I am challenging our learned researchers to find out if there is a relationship between these sad statistics and the levels of unemployment in the country before we completely heap the blame on the girl-child.

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