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He claims to be on family planning

THE Matero Local Court heard how a 45-year-old man of Chazanga impregnated four women while he denied his wife conjugal rights for

18 months under the pretext that he was on family planning.
Earlier in her testimony, Sharon Maina, 32, told the court that her husband Alex Mbonge is promiscuous and does not sleep at home.
This is in a matter in which Maina sued Mbonge for marriage reconciliation and facts before the court were that the two got married in 2002 and have four children together and bride price was paid.
“I love my husband but the problem is that he starves me sexually, he always tells me that he is on family planning when he has continued impregnating women and now has four children outside wedlock.” she said.
Maina told the court that she has never enjoyed her marriage since the pair got married. She pleaded with the court to counsel Mbonge so that the two may live in peace and enjoy their marriage.
And Mbonge told the court that it is Maina who has been denying him sex on grounds that he has a girlfriend.
He said Maina always puts a child in between them on their bed whenever he demands for sex.
“My wife has vowed that she will only have sex with me once I go for voluntary counselling and testing [VCT]. Her friends told I have a girlfriend and that I may infect with the virus,” Mbonge said.
He said Maina does not give him water for bathing and that she no longer respects him since he stopped working.
In passing judgement magistrates Pauline Newa sitting with Miyanda Banda reconciled the couple and ordered them to live in harmony and learn to communicate whenever they have a challenge.

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