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Harvest of Shadows heads for Chingola Arts Society

NAPSA Theatre Club is next week taking the play , written by Cheela Chilala and directed by award-winning director Bright Banda, to Chingola Arts Society and Mufulira Arts Council.
Isaac Kalumba, who is producing the play for NAPSA Theatre Club, told the Weekend Mail that the play will show in Chingola on October 2 before moving to Mufulira the following day. Both shows will start at 19:00 hours and entry is K30.
The play features Eddie Tembo, a former National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia (NATAAZ) national director of research and productions and Ngoma Award winner as the lead actor, taking on the role of Chiko.
Jane Lungu and Kamwengo Vunda have been double casted for the role of Doris while Evans Nkoya, a Ngoma Award winner for Best Actor has also been double casted as Chisha with Dominic Sitamu, an actor, drummer and dancer. Evancy Zulu will play the role of Zembo with Nyambwise Wamundila, who has acted in a number of plays by NAPSA acting as Moira.
The play is about Chiko, a prominent businessman and male chauvinist, who shows much more love to his only daughter Pimpa than to his wife Moira. He is an arrogant, self-opinionated and over-bearing father who is obviously not happy with his daughter’s choice of a suitor.
He summons Chisha, his son-in-law to be, and dresses him down as he is sure that Chisha’s love for Pimpa is not genuine but only for her wealth and status. He demands that Chisha takes an HIV test (which he has not taken himself) and that he takes the original copy of the test to him (Chiko) as part of the conditions.
When Pimpa completes her studies in South Africa and is returning home, Chiko forces Chisha to drive all the way to Chirundu border to pick Pimpa up, disregarding Chisha’s commitments with his important clients and loses a deal worth millions of money.
As fate may have it, Pimpa and Chisha are involved in a road accident and Pimpa is seriously injured. Pimpa loses a lot of blood in the accident and during the operation. She urgently needs blood to survive.
However, the hospital does not have Pimpa’s blood type because it is rare – the only other person who has this blood type is Chiko, her father.
But there is a catch that before the blood is given to Pimpa, it has to undergo the mandatory HIV test. But with a past where his mistress is suspected to have died of HIV complications, will Chiko be ready to have his blood tested for HIV in order to save the life of his beloved daughter?
It is a question to be answered at Chingola Arts Society and Mufulira Little Theatre.

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