‘Harmonise meat products trade’

ZAMBEEF'S master meat products in Nigeria.


POULTRY Association of Zambia (PAZ) executive manager Donald Chanda says there is need to harmonise and regulate the trading environment for meat products at Kasumbalesa border in Chililabombwe. Mr Chanda said in an interview recently that this is because the unregulated way of doing business at the border is disadvantageous to local poultry farmers that have no access to the market. He said people, mostly foreigners, have set up warehouses and cold rooms at the border where they import meat and poultry products on the pretext of taking them to neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but end up selling them in Zambia. Mr Chanda said there is no proper mechanism to monitor and ensure that products that are imported and destined for DRC actually end up there and not in Zambia. “The biggest concern of the association about Kasumbalesa is that we really need to regulate and harmonise the trading systems at that border,” he said. “The problem is that we may be able to find a proliferation of these products that are sent into Kasumbalesa into the bonded warehouse back into the country because CLICK TO READ MORE

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