Letter to the Editor

Happy Farmers Week to hard workers

Dear editor,
ALL human beings on earth and in space, regardless of state, race, eye or skin colour, need certain amounts of good food daily to live and remain productive.
We need our breakfast, lunch, and our dinner, not to mention our cool snacks between all main meals.
It was my namesake, ‘Benjamin’ Franklin, I think, who informed us that it is hard for an empty bag to stand upright. It is so.
A priest, a nurse, a teacher, a soldier, a journalist, an inventor, a business person, entertainers, writers like Jennifer Zulu… even our dear President, we all eat food to obtain the needed nutrients and energy to enable us to execute our daily duties efficiently and to stay alive.
We know: an empty stomach is not a very reliable advisor and starvation kills.
Therefore, to our humble people who spend most of their lives working on the soil and raising livestock, ensuring that our country has enough food to eat and even to share, sometimes with our neighbouring countries via export, today I humbly write:
You are indispensable to humanity. Yours is a noble calling. Twalumba, tatenda, zikomo – thank you for being a farmer. Happy Farmers Week.

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