Letter to the Editor

Handball association needs help

Dear editor,
JUST who will come to the aid of the Handball Association of Zambia? Last year, the team delayed to travel to Senegal. They missed the first game but beat the host just upon arrival. They were, however, disqualified and came back the following day.
Was it lack of preparation or lack of foresight from the team or National Sports Council of Zambia?
This is a promising team with potential to lift the Zambian flag. Sadly, it seems someone somewhere is not doing their job. This year, they are expected to host the under-17 games, and again the issue of financing is taking centre stage. The president of the association has been making frantic efforts to engage the powers that be to bail out the association.
The main cry is the kit for the boys. Despite having two foreign coaches, the team may not compete if Government does not bail out the association. Unfortunately, we are still at a stage where handball is treated as a minor game. It will be shameful to see our boys dress in rags while hosting the prestigious event.
Please, let’s help them out.

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