Gwembe mourns Sata

GWEMBE residents have joined in mourning late President Sata whom they have described as a visionary leader who demonstrated commitment to developing all parts of the country.
President Sata, 77, died in London on Tuesday night after an illness.
The residents said on Thursday that Mr Sata’s death has robbed Zambia of a man who could have spearheaded the country’s economic development to greater heights.
Emely Haazele said she is devastated by the untimely death of President Sata whom she said she will always remember for implementing various infrastructure projects that are key in spurring development in Zambia.
“It is very sad that darkness has again befallen the people of Zambia and I am very saddened that we have lost such a vibrant leader who had a passion of taking Zambia’s development agenda to greater heights.
“I will always remember him for the projects he initiated and started implementing just after being elected president of this country in 2011,” Ms Haazele said.
Purity Lumamba, another Gwembe resident, has described Mr Sata’s death as very devastating and a blow to Zambia’s development process.
Ms Lumamba said Mr Sata had embarked on massive infrastructure projects particularly roads, which are aimed at enhancing the movement of goods and services as well as uplifting the living standards of people in the country.
“We have lost a great leader who had a passion for developing this nation.” This is a huge blow to this country and I am praying to the Almighty God to guarantee Zambia mercy so that we can have another leader who is hard working like our late President Michael Sata,” she said.
Odrisco Musanje also eulogised Mr Sata for implementing massive infrastructure projects, particularly in the road sector.
Mr Musanje said he is happy that Mr Sata implemented the Link Zambia 8000 and other road projects that have helped ease movement of goods and services.

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