“Guard against fake prophets’

CENTRAL Province permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe has urged church leaders to encourage their members to achieve their goals through hard work and not wait for prophets to perform miracles for them.

“You are not helping us as Government. you are promoting laziness among young people and women. They are desperate for miracles, it’s not just prayer but also working hard,” he said.
Mr Kabwe said it is disappointing that many youths and women are turning to prophets for solutions in their lives when God urges Christians to work hard.
Addressing congregants at Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BIGOCA) in Kabwe on Sunday, Mr Kabwe said Christians should have faith in God rather than ‘prophets’ who promise them miracles.
“People sit at home and believe that prophets from Nigeria and Malawi will come and give them miracle money in their accounts. There is no miracle money, that’s witchcraft, that’s demonic,” he said.

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