Green Party hails defence forces


GREEN Party president Peter Sinkamba has commended the defence forces for their loyalty, vigilance, integrity, dedication and professionalism that have enabled the country to maintain the much- needed alertness, internal peace and security.
Mr Sinkamba said in a New Year message issued yesterday that the combined defence forces should be commended for their efforts in maintaining the country’s sovereignty.
“I expect that you will maintain these positive attributes to enable you discharge your duties with honour, pride and dignity, especially during and after the by-election we the Zambians will hold on January 20, 2015,” he said.
Mr Sinkamba said if elected president, the Green Party will ensure that the defence forces promote and protect peace, justice and the environment throughout the country and the world through the peacekeeping and peacemaking roles.
He said the defence forces under his rule will be assigned to assist in civil defence emergencies, disaster relief and search and rescue both within Zambia and overseas.
Mr Sinkamba said the military will also be mandated to work with other agencies such as the Immigration Department, police, among others in promotion and protection of peace, justice and the environment.
And Mr Hichilema said in his New Year message that 2015 provides a new start for Zambians and the fight for the economic liberation.
“Now, as we prepare for a new journey and the start of the next 50 years, the challenge ahead of us is to deliver economic liberation, so that every citizen has the chance to secure gainful employment, every child has the opportunity to access good quality education from primary to university, and every Zambian is empowered to make a decent living,” he said.
Mr Hichilema said Zambia has been blessed and this can been seen through the natural resources, landscape and wildlife.

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