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Green Buffaloes go ‘Behind the Curtain’

A SCENE from ‘Behind the Curtain’. Green Buffaloes Theatre Club

WHEN Eric Kasoma Jr authored and staged the play ‘Behind the Curtain’ for Green Buffaloes Theatre Club, it went and swept almost everything at the National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia (NATAAZ) senior performing arts festival in 2010 held in Kitwe.
The play won Best Set, Best Sound, Best Lights, Best Cameo and was nominated for Best Production and Best Director at the National Arts Council of Zambia (NAC) Ngoma Awards, which it eventually won.
Green Buffaloes decided to return to the Lusaka Playhouse stage last week with the same play, but this time, with Owen Matenga as the director and Chama Chilufya and David Mwanja as the co-directors.
Call it a team effort.
But it was always going to be a huge ask for them to replicate what Eric did with the play at the NATAAZ festival in Kitwe.
For a long time, Eric had thought the judges had not given him a fair deal during competitions; always being nominated for the Best Director Award and not winning it in the final end.
Last week’s performances at the Lusaka Playhouse were not for competitive purposes, but still, it should be left to those that watched the performance at the NATAAZ festival in Kitwe to judge the levels of the sound, lights and set although they were fairly good on Friday.
Unfortunately, when Behind the Curtain went on stage last week, only a few people were in attendance and the probability of having someone in the auditorium, who had watched the performance in Kitwe in 2010, were slim.
The audience had some army personnel whose other contribution to the production were running commentaries as if they were part of the cast and crew.
For the Friday performance, Mwape Mwape played the role of Deliya, Mutinta Phezulu (Charity Chiyenda), Chama Chilufya (Chuma Chiyenda), Mary Phiri (Taona), Rachael Kusendwa (Aunty Flo), David Mwanja(Jazman), Dick Njovu (Jefferson), Ireen Nsiku (female police officer) and Felix Mzyamba (male police officer).
Mwape, Mary and Jazman were the darling of the audience in the play which is largely about a corrupt politician who goes out with his daughter’s workmate and in return, the daughter – a journalist – goes out to expose the corruption in her father’s government.

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