Govt to invite Chinese experts in Southern Province

GOVERNMENT will soon invite Chinese investors to explore business opportunities in mining and agriculture in Southern Province.
Provincial Minister Edify Hamukale said the province will invite Chinese experts to help the business community in value addition.

“The Chinese delegation will interact with the business community in the province on value addition opportunities in mining and agriculture. Southern province is twined with Guangzhou province of China and by September, if all things go well we hope to invite some Chinese delegation to help the business community to explore value addition opportunities that are in southern province,” he said
Speaking in an interview, Dr Hamukale said the Chinese delegation’s visit will result in the creation of factories in various districts of the province.
“This entails a leather factory in Namwala, an oil factory in Gwembe, and a factory that can produce cornflakes in Kalomo and a factory that produce cheese, butter and soap in Mazabuka where we have a heavy concentration of dairy farmers.  It will also involve investing in polishing facilities for the amethyst mining in Zimba and several other opportunities too numerous to mention,” he said.
Mr Hamukale said Zambia at the moment produces over 60 percent of the amethyst consumption in the whole world adding that there is need to explore value addition techniques.
He said there is need to invest in cutting and polishing facilities to ensure that semi-precious stones are sold as finished products.
Mr Hamukale said there are limitless opportunities that need to be explored in the province because parts such as animal hoofs and horns can be used to produce glue.


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