Govt identifies key sectors for job creation

AGRICULTURE, construction, manufacturing and tourism sectors have been identified as having the greatest potential for job creation.
Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education (MESVTEE) Dr John Phiri also said Government has made the commitment to equip youths with technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills which should enable them to fully participate in national development efforts.
He said this on Friday in Lusaka during the 2014 Entrepreneurship Week Celebrations and the “My Job+1 Business Challenge Competition” Awards Ceremony.
Dr Phiri said the role of TEVET in the “industrialisation and job creation strategy” is to produce graduates who are sufficiently competent to contribute through formal sector employment or through productive self-employment.
“We expect that our TEVET system will develop and enhance creativity and entrepreneurial skills in all our graduates because this is the only way through which we can assure inclusive development,” he said.
He said the primary role of Government in this process is to provide a supportive policy environment in which entrepreneurs of all ages and gender thrive by turning their ideas into the creation of business enterprises as solutions to the challenges of increased household incomes and overall improvements in living conditions.
According to Dr Phiri, the New Curriculum Framework has provided for the integration of schooling with vocational education and training.
He said this is a critical decision, premised on the desire of Government to create a flexible and responsive education and training system.
Dr Phiri said it is therefore essential that all interventions, including competitions such as the “My job+1” initiative by TEVET, are premised on defined learning outcomes which can be assessed and certified.
He said it is important that competitions of this nature are premised on the acquisition of technical knowledge and practical competencies, consistent with the approved national curricula.

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