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Govt has created safe environment for children – Ngoma

CHILDREN display their modeling skills at last year’s carnival.

GOVERNMENT has created and maintained a safe and enabling environment for children.
Deputy Minister of Tourism Patrick Ngoma said Zambia has since independence made progress on the improvement of children’s rights.
“We should invest in the education, health and nutrition of our children. Government supports activities that promote the rights of children,” he said.
Mr Ngoma was speaking in Luangwa during the commemoration of the Day of an African child.
He said programmes such as the re-entry policy were 44 out of 76 girls who dropped out of school have been re-enrolled is an indication of Government’s commitment of improving the welfare of children.
Mr Ngoma said Government has come up with strategies aimed at curbing child marriage.
“Government requires participation and support in improving the lives of children in Zambia,” he said.
Mr Ngoma said it is necessary to reflect on what needs to be done to improve the lives of children.
And Save the Children representative Caroline Nenguke said children’s rights need to be protected as their rights have been denied by adults.
“Parents and guardians are mandated to protect children’s rights. We need to invest in children and protect them,” she said.
In a vote of thanks, Natasha Kapambwe urged young people not to drop out of school because of being orphaned.
“Child neglect is another problem that affects children. Some of the children in Luangwa are affected by the human animal conflict as a result, most of them stay away from school,” she said.
Ms Kapambwe said learning and concentration is taken away from children because of their inability to attend class.

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