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Government links HIV to construction

GOVERNMENT says infrastructure development comes with challenges because construction workers are at risk of contracting HIV.
Minister of Works and Supply Yamfwa Mukanga said construction workers are vulnerable to HIV infection because they spend long times away from their homes.
Mr Mukanga said because they are human, the workers can start engaging in illicit activities.
“Some sex workers deliberately target migrant workers. This practice does not only put workers and surrounding communities at risk of contracting HIV, but even their spouses,” he said.
The impact of the epidemic has long-term effects in that girls end up dropping out of school as a result of early pregnancies and the children born are raised by their inexperienced mothers.
The Government is formulating policies on the prevention of HIV infections in construction corridors.
He said the co-team that was working on the policy document from the Ministry of Transport and Communication, and Ministry of Works and Supply would meet and separate the policy so that it can be launched by January.
Mr Mukanga directed the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Works and Supply to follow up the separation of the policy document with the officers who are spearheading it so that it can be concluded before the end of the year.

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