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Government expected to construct dam in Kaoma

GOVERNMENT is expected to construct a dam in Kaoma to boost fish farming and livestock activities in the district.
Kaoma district water officer Manyando Simataa said in an interview on Wednesday that the construction of the dam is expected to cost about US$ 900,000 (approximately K9 million).
Mr Simataa said the dam to be called Nabowa will be constructed in Mangango area with financial assistance from the World Bank.
Government under the Kaoma Water Affairs Department will undertake the project which is anticipated to benefit over 4, 200 households with about 1,000 livestock directly using water from the dam.
“The water resource development programme’s objective is to help mitigate the impact of climate change through the promotion of food security. The Nabowa dam reservoir will have a capacity of 850,000 cubic metres,” Mr Simataa said.
He said Government has since handed over the site to the contractor and works are expected to start soon.


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