Government approves DRC, Angola maize export

GOVERNMENT has approved the export of 50,000 metric tonnes of mealie meal to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and 20,000 metric tonnes of maize to Angola under a government-to-government deal.
Last week, the DRC government requested Zambia to export 100,000 metric tonnes of maize, while Angola asked for 20,000 metric tonnes because of the commodity shortages in the two countries.
Ministry of Agriculture permanent secretary Julius Shawa said in an interview on Wednesday that the requests have been approved and confirmation letters have been sent to the two neighbouring countries.
“Their requests have been accepted and now it is all up to them to decide when they will begin finalising everything,” he said.
Mr Shawa said his ministry has also written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the matter since it involves foreign governments.
The ministry has decided to be exporting more of mealie meal than maize in an effort to create employment in the milling industry.
Mr Shawa said exporting more of maize than mealie meal will translate into increased milling jobs in other countries, thereby disadvantaging Zambia.
“Exporting mealie meal cannot be a hindrance to farmers but a motivation for them to increase maize production. Through this, Government wants to generate revenue and encourage value addition locally,” he said.

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