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Gospel artistes celebrate Sata’s life

PERFORMANCES in celebration and honour of President Sata’s life were held throughout the past week at Lusaka’s Showgrounds main arena ahead of his burial this Tuesday.
Choirs from different church denominations united as they offered comfort through powerful melodies and songs of hope.
School children were also allowed to be part of the event held in the President’s memory, adding to the different generations represented at the event.
The United Church of Zambia (UCZ), Seventh Day Adventist and Catholic Church choirs were among those present to console mourners.
Members of the Zambia National Service (ZNS) choir raised their thunderous voices in songs of reflection and worship and energised the atmosphere.
The line-up of solo gospel artistes throughout the past week during the national period of mourning has equally given a multi-toned face to the occasion.
Mourners have been comforted through song by the likes of Kristin, Nathan Nyirenda, Kings Mumbi (Malembe Malembe), Felix, Papa Bruno and Manasseh, among others.
During an interview with the weekend mail, saxophonist and soloist, Nathan Nyirenda said death was inevitable but every time it came people were devastated because of the closeness they had with the departed.
“In times like this for musicians it’s a time to be united because music has a way of comforting people who are grieving which is why even in the Bible, King Saul would ask David to play him songs which would pacify him in the process,” Nathan explained.
He said it was time for musicians to use their talents to comfort the first family as Zambians in general were aggrieved over the loss of President Sata.
And gospel artiste Manasseh who previously went by the stage moniker, Danny Peddle, said the gospel was about the life of Jesus Christ and as artistes were singing, the result produced was ministry to every mourner.
“Gospel is the music we lean on when we go through times of sorrow and of pain,” Manasseh shared. “We lean on God because he is the way, truth and life and for artistes it is an opportunity to reach out to people and give hope.”

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