Letter to the Editor

God will punish false prophets

Dear editor,
AFRICA has been invaded by all sorts of people claiming to be prophets.

Zambia has not been spared by local and foreign men and women of ‘miracles’.
The swindling of hard-earned thousands of Kwacha from a Kitwe couple over anointing oil is just a tip of the iceberg.
Our communities are aware of the many people who have been duped by the so-called ‘men and women of God.
We have girls and women being abused and told to divorce husbands by the fake men of God all in the name of deliverance and solving their problems.
These crooks are taking advantage of people’s fear, desperation and desires. But, let me remind them to read the book of Revelation 19 vs 11-20 and see how God our Lord will punish them on that day that is coming.

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