Giving cassava new value

WHEN it comes to growing cassava in Central Province, Chitambo District stands out.
Chitambo district is made of two Lala chiefdoms – Chitambo and Muchinka. It is, however, in Chief Chitambo’s area where the indigenous varieties of cassava are grown in abundance.
Growing the root crop forms part of the traditional life of the people in Chitambo chiefdom, and the traditional leader ensures that people grow cassava to avoid hunger.
Chief Chitambo also encourages his people to grow cassava for commercial purposes so that they can increase household income.
Although maize is the country’s staple, the chief wants his subjects to focus more on cassava growing because it is able to withstand adverse weather conditions such as droughts.
“I would rather people in Chitambo focus on growing cassava than maize,” he says. “Maize needs a lot of fertiliser and this makes the growing of maize expensive.”
About 6,000 hectares of land is now under cassava cultivation in Chitambo District.
But for a long time, there has been no ready market for the CLICK TO READ MORE

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