Given Lubinda mulls presidential plan

KABWATA constituents have petitioned their area member of parliament (MP) Given Lubinda to state his position over contesting the PF presidency.
But Mr Lubinda has said he will only declare his candidature if the Edgar Lungu and Guy Scott camps agree on the ground rules.
The residents thronged the Kabwata constituency office to ask Mr Lubinda to state his position following various PF officials who have indicated their intention to contest the PF presidency.
But Lubinda said he could only state his position after the party’s central committee meeting that would set the modalities on the selection of the new party president.
He said he could only stand if the playing field was levelled.
Mr Lubinda said there are two major camps in the PF including that of Mr Lungu, the PF secretary general, and the other for acting President Dr Scott.
He said there is currently no candidate for the PF presidency because the central committee has not yet sat to decide on the modalities.
“Rules of the game must be followed. As long as the playing field is fair, I will present my candidature, but not when the party is in two camps,” Mr Lubinda said.
He said those that have already started campaigning are breaking the rules.

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