Letter to the Editor

Give thanks to Almighty God

Dear editor,
OCTOBER 18 is a wonderful time for Zambia. Let us take it as the Psalmist puts it (Psalms 118:24); “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Be glad that a day was set aside to call our God.
This is our country and let every citizen seek the face of God for our nation is acknowledging and appreciating who He is. This is going to bring blessings upon our nation.
History has it on record about the perils of people who forget or forsake their God. Each time Israel put God aside in preference to self-management, every man doing what is right in their own eyes, calamity ensued (2Kings 22: 17).
In our time, this truth still holds. We have seen powers (from about 1500s to 1960s) that had ruled all over the world. The sun never set in their realm – their dominion extended in all 24-hour global time zones.
Today, they are a shadow of themselves because they deserted God. Another power with the greatest military all over the world in current times is also on the decline for the same reason, forsaking God, the very foundation upon which that great nation was established. It is from these examples that we should strive to acknowledge God.
Zambia is unique in every sense. It is surrounded by eight countries, locked up. That does not mean we are in captivity, not at all. Our position is strategic to God and man. Remember that it is God who determines the bounds of our habitation (Acts 17:28).
A bit of history, in the last 50 years, none of our citizens have sought refuge outside our borders because of war or politics. The flip side of that is very true.

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