Getting to write as Kapwepwe

MULENGA in the National Archives of Zambia.

IN MORE ways than one, Mulenga Mpundu Kapwepwe needs little introduction on the home front. Her father Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe was the country’s second vice president.
She was six years old when Zambia got its independence in 1964.
“I grew up in an environment where the struggle for the country, the liberation of this country, was very much a part of the conversation in the home,” Mulenga told CNN in an interview in 2014 when the country was celebrating its golden jubilee. “For me, Zambia is not an abstract concept,” she says. “It’s something that I heard being birthed in the house that I lived in — even the name of the country, the answer came from our house. Literally. My father coined the name and it was agreed that this country would be called Zambia.”
Mulenga, like her father, is also a published author.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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