Getrude: Nurse in making

GETRUDE Kalwinji, 15, a Grade 10 pupil at Luena Barracks Secodary School in Kaoma, wants to be a nurse once she completes her secondary school education.
Kalwinji is optimistic that she will achieve her goals of being a health practitioner as she is good in Science, Mathematics and English subjects.
She is aware that she can only reach her goals when she does better in science subjects, which are the most preferred.
“For me, my aim is to become a nurse, come rain come sunshine, it will happen because I am good in the subjects which demand someone to be a health practitioner,” she said.
“I want to ensure that I provide a service to the people of Zambia.
She said her parents have pledged to support her to achieve her goals after writing her final examination.
Kalwinji is expected to complete secondary education in 2020.
She said her older sister has inspired her to join the health profession which she thinks will help her offer a good service to the country.
Kalwinji’s sister is a health practitioner attached to Solwezi District Urban Hospital in North-Western Province.
“My sister has really made me like this profession. Seeing what she is doing has prompted me to join it,” Kalwinji said.
Kalwinji wants to help people in rural areas when she becomes a nurse because she believes such places are disadvantaged because of lack of proper care.
She said having grown up in rural areas, she has seen how people are suffering to access health care, therefore, she wants to make a difference.
“People in rural areas are suffering, sometimes you might just find one person attending to the patients, so I think when I go there, I will make a difference as this has been my wish,” she said.

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