General Kanene urges citizens to be law-abiding

INCARCERATED musician Clifford Dimba alias General Kanene says life in prison is tough and the “free citizens” ought to be good and law-abiding.
“Prison is not good, but it can make a person become a better person because of the hardships and ‘torture’. One can change for the better, but it depends on individuals because others become worse in prison.”
In an interview in Kabwe last Friday during the Zambia Prison Service annual ball, Kanene said people should desist from breaking the law because it destroys lives.
The artiste who is serving an 18-year jail term for defilement pending his appeal in the Supreme Court, said a person can only survive the tough prison life by believing in God and being prayerful.
Kanene who has turned into an ambassador against defilement and gender-based violence, said: “I am in prison but my music talent is not in jail.”
He says he wants to sensitise people to be good citizens and that if he is released from prison, he would dedicate his life to working as an ambassador for a better society through music.
“When I was sentenced, I knew that I had a talent and instead of just doing nothing, I decided to start sensitising people on the dangers of committing crime,” he said.
He said instead of moaning about being jailed, he believes through music, he could help fellow inmates and people outside prison to be law abiding citizens.
Kanene said people should learn lessons from him and desist from breaking the law.
The artiste is hopeful that he would be pardoned one day.
“I am already in prison but if there are people out there who can exercise mercy and pardon me, may God work through them to help me,” he said.
Kanene also said that it is sad that prisons are congested because of the high levels of crime in the country.
In saying he misses his wife, Kanene appealed to women whose husbands are in jail to remain faithful to their incarcerated spouses.

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