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Gay casanova dragged to court

THE guardian of a 27-year-old man of Mongu who is alleged to have masqueraded as a woman and permitted a taxi driver to have sex  with him against the order of nature has told the Mongu Magistrate’s Court that the family knows the accused as a woman and not a man.
Hatch Bril is alleged to have permitted a male person to have carnal knowledge of him against the order of nature.
Mark Sydney Wakings testified before magistrate Derrick Mate Chingumbe that his family who took Bril in early this year, has allegedly lived with the accused person as their “aunt.”
Mr Wakings said he brought Bril to Mongu from Lusaka to work in a salon because “she” is a good hair stylist.
Mr Wakings testified as a hostile witness on behalf of the state.
“Bril was introduced to me as an ‘aunt’ by my grandmother when I visited her [grandmother] in Lusaka’s Makeni area in 2014. So, when I opened a salon early this year, I was advised by the people in Lusaka to consider calling ‘her’ [Bril] and my cousin Doreen as the two are good hairstylists. However, Doreen left for reasons known to herself,” he said.
Mr Wakings told the court that he has on several occasions reprimanded Bril for returning home late.
“Bril liked moving at night and I warned ‘her’ against this behaviour. I even threatened to evict her from the house if she continued keeping late nights,” he said.
Earlier, the 19-year-old taxi driver, who is the complainant in the case, told the court that he reported Bril to the police because he felt ‘cheated’.
The man testified that he proposed love to Bril because he was convinced that ‘she’ was a woman, considering ‘her’ appearance on the fateful night.
He testified that on September 24, 2015 around 01:00 hours, he was stopped by a man near a lodge while he was driving home.
The man testified that he came to know the man who stopped him as George.
The witness testified that after he stopped his vehicle, George pleaded with him to drop him at a named nightclub.
The man testified that he accepted to give George a lift after he offered to buy fuel for the vehicle.
He man said when they reached town, he parked his vehicle at a car park near the nightclub where they met Bril.
He told the court that George proposed love to Bril and ‘she’ accepted on condition that he buys her beer in the night club.
He said the ‘couple’ along with him entered the club but left after taking a few drinks.
The man testified that George suggested that he should be dropped at his house in Yeta Plots with Bril, but ‘she’ turned down his proposal.
He narrated that after dropping George, he proposed love to Bril and ‘she’ accepted to go with him to his house in Imwiko Stage Two.
The man testified that on arrival at his house, he and Bril went straight to the bedroom and ‘she’ advised him to switch off the lights after he told ‘her’ to take off ‘her’ clothes.
He, however, said that Bril only took off the leggings and left ‘her’ top and bra on.
The man testified that he discovered that Bril was a man.
The man also said that his attempt to touch the breasts of his ‘lover’ also proved futile as the chest was flat.
He said it was at this point that he grabbed Bril and drove to his aunt’s place for reinforcement, before taking ‘her’ to the police station.
But in cross- examination, Bril said the man forced himself on ‘her’, adding that the sexual encounter happened in his car and not in his house.
Mr Chingumbe adjourned the case to October 14 for continuation of trial.

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