Gawa Undi bans Nyau

PARAMOUNT Chief Gawa Undi has banned Gule Wamkulu from performing during political meetings ahead of the August general elections, it has been learnt.
Chairperson in charge of Gule Wamkulu Chief Mwangala has said the secret cult, which performs a ritual dance practised among the Chewa in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, has been banned.
The paramount chief said the decision to ban Gule Wamkulu from performing during political meetings was made after the traditional leader received reports that some dance groups have turned the ritual into a source of income for individuals.
Speaking in Chadiza on Monday, Chief Mwangala said performing Gule Wamkulu during political gatherings has negative effects on the Chewa tradition.
“Kalonga Gawa Undi has written to all his subordinate chiefs not to allow Gule Wamkulu to perform during political meetings and CLICK TO READ MORE

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