From Mutwe wa Nsofu to Broken Hill

BRITISH-STYLED architectural houses still stand even after being battered by age and neglect.

IN 1921, when Zambia was still a colony of the British Empire, a hominin skull dubbed E 686 was uncovered in a mine in an area called Umutwe Wa Nsofu in Kabwe, Central Province. The skull, named Broken Hill Man after the mine, now lies in the vaults of the South Kensington Museum in London.
Found by Swiss Miner Tom Zwigglar, Broken Hill Man retains the title of being Zambia’s indigenous and earliest archaeological find. Other things found with the skull included an upper jaw of another individual, a sacrum, a tibia and two femur fragments.
To this day, the discovery of Broken Hill Man appears in many scientific publications discussing the human evolutionary process, showing the important contribution of the skull to the study of human evolution.
The discovery area is also famous for the first lead and zinc mining sites.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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