From Mukobeko to Deputy Commissioner-General

BWALYA presenting his credentials to President Hichilema during the swearing-in ceremony at State House on September 1.

KUYOMBA Bwalya, 39, had just reported at Mwembeshi Maximum Correctional Facility as new officer-in-charge when he received a call from State House on September 1 this year that he was urgently needed there.
Mr Bwalya was in a state of shock because he had no idea what business he had at Plot One. He called the Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) commissioner general (then) Chileshe Chisela to find out what to do or whether the latter knew the purpose of the call or not. Mr Bwalya recalls that Dr Chileshe advised him to be calm and go there [State House] in ceremonial dress. “He told me ‘put on your ceremonial dress and compose yourself. In case of anything, you should be able to answer’. I called my wife and two other people,” he remembers. All this time, he was wondering what crime he had committed to deserve a call-out from Plot One.
To say he was shivering could be an understatement and what made matters worse for him was that he had never been to State House, or indeed its vicinity. Just when Mr Bwalya, then an assistant commissioner, was trying to come to terms with what awaited him at State House, another call came, this time asking whether he had been informed about his presence being required at State House that very afternoon. The second call came at 12:30 hours. Apparently, a trip from Mwembeshi to Lusaka takes about two to three hours. That would have meant arriving at State House around 15:30 hours if he started off right there and then, but he needed to go to the lodge to change clothes. Being new at the station [Mwembeshi], Mr Bwalya was not yet familiar with transport issues and the only means of transport available was an ambulance. “I called the deputy [officer-in-charge]. I saw an ambulance which had two people going to town [Lusaka]. I went where I was lodging to change into appropriate uniform,” he says. From Mwembeshi, the driver of the CLICK TO READ MORE

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