Fresh, fertile poetry to harvest

Title: Words That Matter
Author: Gerry Sikazwe
Publisher: Mwanaka Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd
Pages: 77
POET and literary blogger Gerry Sikazwe’s maiden book, ‘Words That Matter’, is an ambitious collection of fresh and fertile poetry.
The poetry swings open a reader’s emotional window to a beautiful literary landscape of both wild and human natures’ feel to harvest in a complete form including joy, pain, anxiety and wonderment.
The poetry also endeavours to explore cultural, social and political themes with a fairly comforting hand.
The book opens with the exuberance of literary energy demanded of a young fresh writer out to showcase some good pieces of poetry that still appeal as a nice craft, and devoid of the usual forced rhyme schemes, common in much of the spoken-word poetry thrown to a dejected soul.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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