Freemasons remove shroud at 50


THE Freemasons say the society has seen a huge growth in membership in the past 10 years.
The society is celebrating 50 years in Zambia, although it has existed about 95 years, having been established in 1905 at Broken Hill (now Kabwe).
A prominent member of the society, Ajay Vashee, said previously membership was predominantly expatriate, but more indigenous Zambians have joined the brotherhood in the past decade.
“We have seen a resurgence in the membership. We are actually seeing a big growth in our membership; something we are battling to keep abreast with. There is a lot of interest, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of people wanting to join Freemasonry,” he said.
Mr Vashee said the biggest attraction for people to join Freemasonry are the values that the society upholds such as moral values and ethics.
He said the society’s membership is now around 300, with the largest number in Lusaka

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