Freedom of expression abusers to face law


FREEDOM of expression is not absolute and those who want to abuse it during this election period will face the wrath of the law. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga says people should speak freely but within the confines of the law.
“Freedom of expression comes with responsibility. A man of Luanshya was recently jailed for insulting the head of State.
“This is a timely reminder to those who want to abuse freedom of expression. Law enforcement officers will pay particular attention to remarks being passed,” Mr Malupenga said. He was speaking yesterday when he officiated at a one-day training for journalists in electoral reporting organised by the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication Education Trust (ZAMCOM). Mr Malupenga said many cases of people being jailed for abusing their freedom of expression go unreported, but National Prosecutions Authority has statistics. He warned that people should not claim the space of freedom is shrinking if they get arrested, prosecuted and jailed for abusing their right. “Don’t abuse anyone. It is just that most people sleep on their rights and don’t report these matters,” he said. Mr Malupenga also implored journalists to use their work to unite the country and not divide it by not encouraging politicians to use vulgar language. “We feed these ‘beasts’ that they grow so big and we fail to control them. We encourage political sources who think CLICK TO READ MORE

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