FRA to buy 1.7m bags of maize

THE Food Reserve Agency (FRA) targets to buy 89,100 metric tonnes (1.7 million bags) of maize during this year’s crop marketing season in Eastern Province.
Eastern Province acting provincial agriculture coordinator Alfonso Kahalawe said in an interview in Chipata yesterday that FRA plans to buy 1,782, 000 bags of maize during this year’s crop marketing season.
“FRA has targeted to buy about 1,782,000 bags of maize, equivalent to 89,100 metric tonnes of maize, during the maize marketing season this year but the price per bag is yet to be announced,” he said.
FRA will buy 378,000  bags of maize in Chipata district, 216,000 in Lundazi,  108,000 in Chadiza, 72, 000 in Vubwi, 18, 000 in Mambwe, 234,000 in Katete and 126,000 in Nyimba.
In Sinda, FRA will buy 216, 000 bags of maize while the agency will purchase 414,000 bags of the grain in Petauke.
Mr Kahalawe also urged farmers to sell their produce to private buyers.
And Mr Kahalawe said Government will distribute the early maturing maize seed variety to farmers in a bid to overcome the effects of climate change.
Mr Kahalawe urged farmers to grow the early maturing variety of maize seed due to poor rainfall that some parts of the country experienced this year.
He said the early maturing variety maize seed survives even with little rainfall and it can go up to 21 days without water.
Mr Kahalawe said this variety takes about 90-110 days to mature compared to the late maturing variety, which takes 150 days.

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