FQM aids farmers

FIRST Quantum Minerals (FQM) Kalumbila Minerals Limited has allocated K65,000 to support livestock farming in Shinengena in senior Chief Musele’s area.
Kalumbila Mine Trident Foundation manager Garth Lappeman said in an interview yesterday that the mine has already built two dip tanks and provided chemicals for dipping cattle.
Mr Lappeman also said Kalumbila Minerals Limited will identify other projects like poultry and fish farming to support the livelihood of people in Shinengena who are largely dependent on farming.
“We have funds in our 2015 budget where we want to support activities like poultry and fish farming that can support the livelihoods of people in Shinengena.
“We have an initial amount of K65,000 which has been allocated towards livestock production and we hope to allocate more funds if we see that these projects are sustainable,” Mr Lappeman said.
He said most people living around the mining area are dependent on farming but that Kalumbila Minerals Limited is exploring ways of supporting residents to help them lead decent lives.
Mr Lappeman urged the community to embrace the new initiative and to diversify from maize production to poultry and fish farming.
He said Kalumbila Minerals Limited will provide market for the produce and urged the community to engage in large-scale livestock production and to supply to the mines.

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