Foxdale Court launches design market

FOXDALE Court Office Park on Zambezi Road in Lusaka‘s Roma township brands itself as Zambia’s most sustainable development project, in part because of its architecture design which is complete with a 100kw solar power plant.
The two main buildings of the complex, christened Kenneth Kaunda and Mama Betty Kaunda respectively, radiates admirable features of modern architecture adjoined by a patio with rough but nicely crafted wooden ceiling and fixed natural tiles.
The Foxadale Court patio is complete with reed crafted chairs which gives a traditional ambiance, thanks to indigenous furniture with focus on sustainable design. It was in this innovative space where the Foxadale Court Design Market was launched last week.
‘Today we celebrate design, and the launch of the Foxdale Court Design Market,” stated Foxdale Court Office Park founder Angelika Huwiler.
“At Foxdale Court, when we speak about design, we consider all forms of design, from furniture to visual arts, from fashion to architecture. We are surrounded by design and a good design whether it is a comfortable chair, a well fitted garment or a well-designed baby coat, safety is ensured. Generally a good design makes life easier, safer, more convenient and beautiful.
“A poor design can lead to disasters, from buildings or bridges falling, injuries from poorly designed tools, or just not looking as sharp as you’d like to in poorly designed clothes.
“Design plays a fundamental role in our daily lives and we wish to pay tribute to design today at Foxdale Court by providing designers from all areas of the design spectrum with an affordable and well trafficked location to sell their designs, merchandise and creations.”
Certainly, the Foxdale Court Design Market is a vital platform which will support Zambian designers and creators.
Some 17 artisans and designers participated in the inaugural exhibition, which will be running weekly from Thursday through to Sunday.
Spider Kangolo, famed for his recycled crafts created from bottle crowns, joined the Foxdale Court initial design market.
Up-and-coming designer Alex Mkadawire trading as Afriarts 360 showcased crafts which he creates mainly out of Chitenge fabric, wire and wood.
T and T Creations brought to the fore their brand trademark; ladies and men slippers creatively made from locally obtained leather.
But the Foxdale Court design market is not just about artisans and designers. It brings on board fine artists too as could be seen with the mini show by Lesley Musonda showcasing her artworks usually exhibited in conventional art galleries.
The Foxdale Court design market platform will also be employed as a ready market for craft and curios.
Milton Chilufya, a lone curio vendor at the inaugural design market ceremony, was seen selling a variety of crafts which included ethnic masks and furniture collected locally and abroad from countries such as Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Needless to say the Foxdale Court Design Market will not only promote the growth in design but will spur economic growth among creators.
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