Letter to the Editor

Former student loan beneficiaries, own up on moral grounds

Dear editor,
AUSTERITY measures instituted by Government have taken a new turn with the Bursaries Committee has started pursuing those who obtained bursaries on loan between 2004 to date.
The Bursaries committee wants all former students from the University of Zambia to who benefitted from loans to begin paying back.
It is a tall order because finding those who benefitted may not be easy, especially those who outside the public service.
What is likely is that those in formal sector will be captured.
The Bursaries Committee should be innovative and patient in the execution of the exercise it has embarked on.
Let is move systematically, starting with first beneficiaries. The bursaries committee should also avail to public the statistics such as in each year since 2004, how many are employed both formal and informal, and those remaining unemployed but benefitted.
Former students who benefitted should own up on moral grounds and indicate when they are ready to start paying.
The Bursaries needs that money for posterity so that more vulnerable students can benefit.

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