Forest Number 27 unravelled

SOME of the properties developed under the Kingsland project.

THE portion of the renowned Forest Reserve 27 which has become controversial had in the late 80s been allocated to the Makeni Ecumenical Centre, a Christian organisation that was training about 150 youths a year in agriculture and was led by Father Pierre Dill.
This was after re-gazetting the Forest Reserve by the UNIP government in 1983.
However, the local settler community objected to having so many persons creating what they described as a “shanty township” surrounding them. They were later relocated to Chisamba near the newly-constructed dam at Mwomboshi.
My good friend, William ‘Bill’ Harrington, is caught up either wittingly or unwittingly propagating a battle between expatriate settlers and indigenous people for control of Forest Reserve 27.
I accept that Mr Harrington served as Minister of Environment and Natural Resources and, therefore, I respectfully acknowledge that he does indeed possess some information on Forest number 27. I am certain that this article will also add to his understanding of the history of the area. In this article, I will endeavour to dig a little deeper and provide more insight than has been publicly available until now.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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