Letter to the Editor

Forbidding pit-latrines panacea to Cholera outbreaks

Dear editor,
THE recent revelation by the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company that underground water is no longer safe for drinking without treatment is alarming.

The water utility company also revealed that out of the 400,000 households only 33,000 are serviced by the system.
The lasting solution would be to forbid the use of pit-latrines in Lusaka city in accordance with existing legislation.
According to the local government act, it is the responsibility of the local authority to provide good sanitation to the people.
Sanitech, a division of WACO Africa (with branches in Lusaka and Kitwe), provides decent portable toilets for hire.
The local authority can go into a contract with Sanitech to be providing portable toilets in the high-density compounds of Lusaka so that people stop using pit-latrines.
This ISO accredited (ISO 14001 & ISO 18001) company also does septic pumping services.
The South African government has been providing decent sanitation and hygiene solutions to its citizens in informal settlements where there are no permanent sanitation facilities using Sanitech.
This has effectively improved the sanitation in these settlements and greatly reduced disease outbreaks.
The government of Zambia, through its local authorities, can also emulate this so that these outbreaks are minimised if not completely halted.

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