For all queens


RAPPER Bombshell Grenade last week finally released her debut album titled Mfumu Kadzi, which she says is a dedication to all the females. The rapper says through the 20-track album, which she started working on mid last year, she wants all women to realise that they are queens. “I want all the women to know that they are a Mfumu Kadzi,” she says. “It doesn’t matter what you do, where you’re from, you are a Mfumu Kadzi. “Every woman is born a Mfumu Kadzi, worldly known as the queen, so I am embracing my Africanness and calling every woman a queen and I want everyone to know they are a queen.” Bombshell, who last year won an AFRIMMA Award for Best Female Rapper in Africa, says the fact that every woman is a Mfumu Kadzi is what inspired the album and she wants every woman to know that they are royalty. “Every woman is born a queen, it doesn’t matter where you are from. Whatever you do as a mother, if you go out there selling tomatoes or you’re hustling, whatever it is you are doing, the fact is you are a queen,” she says. “You’re putting a home together, you’re surviving, you’re working towards your dreams, you’re in school, you’re trying to work towards all those dreams, so I believe every woman, every girl child is born a Mfumu Kadzi, that’s the inspiration.” For her debut album, Bombshell has tried not to pigeon-hole herself through one particular genre. “It’s actually a mixture of different types of sounds,” she says. “I’m trying to attract every type of person in this album, not just the young generation, not just the middle generation, not just the old generation, it’s an album that is filled with different types of genres in hope that it will attract every age, range and they can all vibe to it. “The album has some sounds which I have never done before, sounds that people have not heard before.” The album, on which she features Mampi, Tiefour, Jorzi, Tim, Xaven the Kopala Queen, Abel Chungu, Afunika and Nez Long, was produced by Eazy the Producer, J-Hun, DJ Mzenga Man and Yxung Bxzzand. Some of the titles of the songs on the album are Medusa, Bad Gyal Lovin, One Day, Come True, Lockdown and Mwana M’simbi. Bombshell said the album will have videos, with the first one being Bwalya, which is dedicated to her family and her late grandmother. “There’s stuff that I have not done before,” she says. “I have songs that I have never really put out like that, people have always known me to do a certain type of sound but in this album, I went different, like I had a whole different type of sound, so I won’t say much so that I have people actually listen to the songs. “Bwalya is dedicated to my lineage, my family and my late grandmother, her name is Bwalya and CLICK TO READ MORE

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