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Focus on education, Lungu advises pupils

PRESIDENT Lungu and First Lady Esther with pupils during the First Lady’s Mentorship Programme of the junior achievers at State House. PICTURE: THOMAS NSAMA / STATE HOUSE

PRESIDENT Lungu says poverty should not be a limiting factor in the advancement of one’s career.
Speaking to Junior Achievers of Zambia school pupils drawn from 10 provinces yesterday at State House in Lusaka, President Lungu told the children that the potential  that lies in them should be exposed and given an opportunity to blossom.
The President urged the children to endure and to listen more all the time, sieve and get what is best for them.
“The talent that you have in you is limitless; the potential that lies in you is endless. For you young ones you should do better than I have done,” President Lungu said.
“I have done what I could my myself. my mother, community, children and relatives were not a limiting factor to me, seeing the age that you are, what you have seen here is not everything.  I can only  urge you  to learn and learn every day,” Mr Lungu said.
He also advised the pupils not to be fooled that they cannot make it in life because they are from rural Zambia.
The President advised the pupils not to be discouraged that they cannot go to secondary school because they do not have shoes.
“I know a lot of us including some of the teachers and friends who went to secondary schools without a pair of shoes. They were washing a uniform in the evening, in the morning pressing it and going back to school,” the President said.
He said Government is doing the best it can to ensure that children succeed in whatever they desire to be.
The President urged the children to work hard at school and refrain from the vices that could prematurely end their goals.
“Explore your talent and dreams. Everything we have can be taken away from us but our inner talents, which are brains is the only thing that remains forever,” he said.
And First Lady Esther Lungu stressed the joy of freedom to pursue education as a means for the children to liberate themselves from poverty.
“Let me encourage my young friends gathered here to make your priority number one as the next 50 years of Zambia’s development depends on a well-educated population. Do the best you can for the country,” Mrs Lungu said.
She encouraged the young learners to work hard and make the Junior Achievers of Zambia experience as a stepping stone for their future career progression.
“I know that you have been exposed to international quality programming that has motivated you to achieve your dreams. You should know that we are always available to support you in any way we can for you to succeed in your endeavours,” the First Lady said.
And Stanbic Bank board chairperson Mary Ncube said in the past four years, the bank has invested K475,000 in financial support to the First Lady for a day programme.
Ms Ncube said Stanbic Bank also facilitates career sessions and job shadowing experiences for pupils from rural provinces.

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