Floods wreck 15 Maramba homes

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
FIFTEEN families of Zecco and Burton areas in Livingstone’s Maramba township have been left homeless after Maramba River burst its banks and flooded their houses.
And residents of Livingstone’s Libuyu were on Saturday cut off from the rest of the tourist capital when Maramba-Libuyu Bridge was submerged after a downpour.
Mwalibonena ward councillor Mathews Jere said in an interview yesterday that 15 families were evacuated from their homes after Maramba River overflowed.
Mr Jere said the families managed to save some of their property and no life was lost.
He said alternative land should be secured for the affected families as a long-term solution because their houses are always flooded when Maramba River bursts its banks during the rainy season.
A Daily Mail crew that visited Maramba-Libuyu Bridge found motorists and pedestrians stranded on both sides of the crossing from 18:00 hours to about midnight.
Libuyu ward councillor Reuben Kakwasha said in a separate interview that residents could not risk crossing on the submerged bridge.
Mr Kakwasha said the ward has a population of about 150,000 people, whose main economic activity is trading in markets.
“Some people were forced to sleep in nearby townships where they have relatives like Maramba or Linda townships,” he said.

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