Floods order of day in Overspill

A PILE of garbage in Overspill township.

OVERSPILL township in Choma district of Southern Province is one of the most shunned townships during the rainy season because it gets flooded.
Houses, especially those with perimeter fences, are often covered in floods and mud.
I recently trailed the township and discovered that quite a number of houses were vacant.
Luke Ngoma has lived in the township for 11 years, in an area where a number of seemingly well-built houses are vacant.
Mr Ngoma shared that when the rainy season is approaching, some people relocate to other areas, leaving some houses unoccupied. This leaves landlords with no choice but to reduce rentals.
He is one of those residents who have no choice but to stay and make do with boots and weather-friendly clothing to wade through floodwaters.
The Overspill settlement started off as a farm belonging to a Mr Bani.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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