Fish parks coming to 4 provinces

GOVERNMENT has identified high potential food production zones in Lusaka, Northern, Southern and North-western provinces for the promotion of fish farming.
The high potential zones to be established as fish parks are in Rufunsa, Mungwi, Chipepo and Kasempa.
Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock deputy director of aquaculture John Mwango said Government is confident that fish production will increase.
“…we are producing 20,000 metric tonnes of fish per year. With the promotion of high potential zones, we expect production of fish to increase,” he said.
Mr Mwango said in an interview that Government has created an enabling environment for fish production and it has approached traditional leaders who have given written consent that aquaculture will be done in their respective chiefdoms.
He said plans are underway to put up infrastructure so that people engaged in fish farming in high potential zones have access to dams, roads and furrows.
“Other services such as fingerlings production, feed and other inputs will be made available to fish farmers,” Mr Mwango said.
He said Government will roll out aquaculture to all parts of the country depending on the outcome of the pilot project in the four districts.
Mr Mwango said Zambia has a number of fish production systems.
He said the common method of fish farming in Zambia is done in fish ponds, cages, tanks and pens.
Mr Mwango said the low water levels the country is experiencing does not have a big impact on fish farming.
“Though the situation is bad in terms of water, we are promoting fish farming because we have harvested water,” Mr Mwango said.
He said Government promotes water harvesting where rain water is trapped for usage.
Mr Mwango said Government is also utilising water bodies to increase supply.

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