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First Lady preaches love, unity to Zambians abroad

First Lady Esther Lungu greets one of the Zambian’s living in Italy during dinner hosted for the President by Zambia’s Ambassador to Italy Gertrude Mwape in Rome on Friday, February 6,2016 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

FIRST Lady Esther has urged Zambians living abroad to remain united and love one another to preserve the dignity of their country.
Mrs Lungu said it is important for Zambians to avoid being divided by negative influences from home because they are one.
She was speaking in Rome, Italy on Friday at a come together dinner hosted for President Lungu and her at the residence of Zambia’s Ambassador to Italy Getrude Mwape.
The dinner was hosted by Zambians living in Italy and the Vatican City.
“We are one. There should be no segregation or discrimination because Zambia is one. The more you unite and love one another, the more dignified you are as a nation,” Mrs Lungu said to applause from the Zambians in Diaspora.
She said she felt comfortable to be among fellow Zambians thousands of kilometres away from home.
Mrs Lungu thanked the Zambians for the warm reception they had given her and President Lungu.
She also commended President Lungu for signing the amended Constitution which allows for dual citizenship because it will reunite families.
“The word Diaspora sounds like those children who have been rejected. But now, I feel happy because even if I am away from my children living abroad I will know that they will come back to me,” Mrs Lungu said.
The First Lady accompanied President Lungu on a tour of St Peter’s Bascillica at the Vatican City before they departed for Paris, France.
President Lungu was in Italy and the Vatican for a three-day visit during, which he held talks with Pope Francis and officials from Rome Based Agencies of the United Nations.

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