Firm to spend over $300,000 on dam

VIXERS Farming Limited has set aside US$360,000 to construct a dam in Kabwe for crop irrigation.
The dam will store water for irrigating high value crops such as tobacco, wheat, soya beans and maize during the dry months. The infrastructure will also provide drinking water for animals.
Vixers, a Kabwe-based Zambian-registered company, has been in the agriculture sector for some years but its operations have been limited to rain-fed farming.
“In [our] quest to increase output, [Vixers] plans to construct an earth dam on Muteteshi River. The dam will cover 176 hactares at full supply level,” the company says in its environmental impact statement (EIS) report submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA).
The EIS report also says in the longterm Vixers’ strategic focus is to acquire more land across the country for purposes of expanding the company’s investment in agricultural development.
The Vixers report says to realise meaningful returns on a big agricultural investment, the company cannot entirely depend on rain-fed farming because of the changing weather pattern.
Under the project, Vixers will transfer skills to the locals, create employment opportunities, improve the local economic activities and increase food production as well as boost household incomes, among other benefits.
Meanwhile, the implementation of the project will result in increased local population due to people looking for employment, loss of historical and cultural sites, productive land, and disappearance and disruption of wildlife habitat and indigenous flora and fauna.

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