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Finnish embassy donates €280,000


THE Embassy of Finland has made available 280,000 euros to organisations supporting women and political parties for sensitisation programmes.
Human rights and democracy coordinator Pieta Seppanen said the funds are not meant for election campaigns or to sponsor political parties as other organisations have perceived it.
Ms Seppanen said the project started in November 2014 and will run up to January 2017.
She said the funds are meant to support three broad sectors that include the private sector development and culture, human rights and civil society organisations.
Ms Seppanen said the money is given to non-governmental organisations or political parties to hold training workshops for women vying for political positions.
“Some organisations have approached us asking for sponsorship for their campaigns. I want to make it clear that the money is meant for capacity-building for female politicians. Organisations that wish to benefit from the funds should write workable proposals in relation to the training of female politicians. Non-Governmental Organisations Co-ordinating Council and the Zambia National Women’s Lobby have already benefitted from the funds,” Ms Seppanen said.
She said her government prioritises gender equality in the political field hence the need to financially support the training programmes for female politicians.
Ms Seppanen said in Finland there is more than 40 percent representation of women in decision-making positions.
“Women in my country have confidence to participate in decision-making positions because they have been trained and they know the importance of being there; this is the situation we wish to see in Zambia,” she said.
And Ms Seppanen has praised President Edgar Lungu for appointing women in higher positions.
She said the appointment of the first female Vice-President ,Inonge Wina, is an indication that Zambia has great and powerful women to take up higher positions.

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