Finland wants more business

LEFT: MS Chowdhury with President Edgar Lungu after presenting her credentials at State House in January this year. PICTURE: FINNISH EMBASSY AND RIGHT: FINNISH Ambassador to Zambia (left) Suomela-Chowdhury Pirjo with Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya toasts to 55 years of friendship between Zambia and Finland. PICTURE: MWAPE MWENYA

The Diplomat’s Agenda With MWAPE MWENYA
THE Finland-Zambia relationship is transitioning towards trade and private sector engagement as bilateral development cooperation gradually decreases, according to Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury.
Zambia and Finland have had diplomatic relations for the past 50 years when the latter opened its embassy in Lusaka in 1968. But, although diplomatic relations were established in 1968, development cooperation only started five years later.
Ms Chowdhury, who is the 13th Finnish ambassador since 1968, says Zambia has been one of the main recipients of Finland’s development cooperation funding.
She was speaking last week during the commemoration of her country’s Independence Day, which falls on December 6. Finland became an independent state in 1917.
“The bilateral ties between Zambia and Finland are particularly strong with decades of cooperation in forestry, agriculture and other areas,” Ms Chowdhury says.
“I am also very pleased to be here during a time when our relationship is transitioning to a new level CLICK TO READ MORE

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