‘Find lasting solution to garbage piles’

LUSAKA Central Member of Parliament Margaret Mwanakatwe has challenged the Lusaka City Council to find a lasting solution to the garbage that has continued to pile up in most townships in her constituency.
Ms Mwanakatwe said in an interview yesterday extensive works should be carried out to revamp the removal of garbage in all townships to create a cholera-free zone.
She said co-operation from the Lusaka City Council and Lusaka residents was required to get rid of the garbage deposited in different areas that posed a threat to health and sanitation.
“Lusaka as at now has a lot of garbage that requires stringent action from everyone, including the council and residents. The only way that this problem can be resolved is if proper disposal plans are put in place to avoid putting the lives of people at risk through careless disposal of garbage,” Ms Mwanakatwe said.
She said the clean-up exercise that started from Bauleni township would move to Northmead and Kulima Tower and later to other townships to create a clean Lusaka.
“We are moving in each and every township to conduct various clean-up exercises which includes drainages and ensuring that garbage is properly disposed of. We just need co-operation from the residents to make the exercise easier and effective as residents are mainly responsible for this problem,” Ms Mwanakatwe said.
She said she was eager to ensure that Lusaka Central was a cholera-free zone through proper disposal of garbage in all townships.
Ms Mwanakatwe said through the launch of her ‘Do It Ourselves’ campaign, the involvement of the community would create a  clean constituency by changing the mindset of people so that they engage in various activities aimed at enhancing sanitation and health.

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